Week 3

October 30, 2020 Indigenous Storytelling part 2

Some readings, art, music, and other resources. These are not required readings. They have been shared with us by our guests, or are things we have looked up after an interview for further information or just because we were curious.

We share these materials with you for interest and pleasure’s sake.

For those of you who missed this week’s episode, you can listen to it here:

October 30th, 2020: Indigenous Storytelling part 2

Here are some images that were provided by Elder Bonny to help us better visualize Star Blankets:

And here is a very special Star Blanket that was made for Elder Bonny, as she shares:

“This is my ceremony blanket. When I was off work for two months after my heart attack two of the women who are lifers and I worked with them for over nine years. They used their own money to buy materials, said they used all the teachings I shared with them while teaching them how to make a star blanket and they used my Sundance colours. This blanket was their way of praying for my healing and thanking me for the teachings. One of the women has been out and doing well for two years now, the second woman now has her minimum-security level and resides in B.C.; she also is doing very well. Both women continue to follow the red road, make star blankets and attribute the teachings, ceremonies and blankets to their personal healing. It was very humbling to be a small part of their journeys and receive such an honour from them.”

This week we talked with Josh Langudeoc again and he talked about his play Rocko and Nakota, click here to watch a scene from it! Also, check out last week’s resources for more from Josh.

This week we heard from poet Naomi McIlwraith, she generously shared a new poem, “My Big Red Canoe ‒ nimihkwâcîcîmân” with us: https://hum101onair.files.wordpress.com/2020/10/my-big-red-canoe.pdf

Naomi talks about the origin of Cree syllabics, here is a link to the article, “Calling Badger and the Symbols of the Spirit Language: The Cree Origins of the Syllabic System” by Winona Stevenson http://artsandscience.usask.ca/cdprofile/download.php?fileid=127 This article can be found as chapter 7 in the book “Historians write back: decolonizing American Indian history”. This book is edited by Susan A. Miller and James Rodney and was published in 2011 in Lubbok, Texas in the United States of America by Texas University Press. You can find this book at the UofA library.

Naomi McIlwraith talks about her Cree dictionary she started when she was 12. Here are two photos of it:

If you need us to provide you with written copies of any of the above, let us know.

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