Week 4

November 6, 2020 “Food and Storytelling”

Some readings, art, music, and other resources. These are not required readings. They have been shared with us by our guests, or are things we have looked up after an interview for further information or just because we were curious.

We share these materials with you for interest and pleasure’s sake.

If you missed this week’s class, you can listen to it here:

November 6th, Food and Storytelling

Here is a video that was shared by Alexis from Stump Kitchen, it is amazing! You should watch it.

Alexis also shared this recipe, from the above video, with us. Thank you Alexis!

And check out Stump Kitchen for many more stories and recipes. LINK

Juanita and Mishma have shared this recipe from Anna Marie Sewell. Anne Marie Sewell is a multi-disciplinary, multi-ethnic writer and fan of multigrain bread, scribbling and sifting and celebrating the mystery of life in central Edmonton/Amiskwaciy. The recipe is from the cookbook they made through Converse and Cook. Here also is a link to the Converse and Cook website for more information: https://conversecook.com/

Anne Marie Sewell is launching a new book next week, you can attend the virtual launch for free, you can get tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/stonehouse-publishing-virtual-launch-party-tickets-121475168499

Kyla Pascal spoke to us about her cooking events around Edmonton that showcased the food and stories being created by local chefs whose voices are underrepresented in an industry that continues to highlight white, cis-men. She mentions several movements across place and time that have inspired her work with Nowhere Kitchen. Here are some articles providing some more information on the Nowhere Club: https://www.npr.org/2005/03/04/4509998/the-club-from-nowhere-cooking-for-civil-rights#:~:text=In%20the%201950s%2C%20a%20group,fired%20for%20her%20organizing%20efforts and https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/31/obituaries/georgia-gilmore-overlooked.html

Kyla also mentioned this article, “We Have Stories: Five generations of Indigenous women in water“.

Here are a list of local grocers Kyla recommends and a map:

-WestGate Halal Meat & Deli

-Marvellous Tropical Food Market

-Hong Kong Bakery

-Spice Centre (East & West Indian Groceries)

-Taha’s Halal Meat & Food

-Habesha African Market

And then there is this great poster she passed along of a Nowhere Kitchen event.

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