You found us! Here we are on the world wide web.

We are going to assume that you are hear because you are participating or thinking about participating in Humanities 101 on the air.

For those of you who don’t know, Humanities 101 (HUM) is a free, non-credit, university-level course offered to those who face financial, systemic, and institutional barriers to post-secondary. It is a program that is is made possible by the University of Alberta and Community Service-Learning.

HUM challenges what a university classroom looks like. There are no pre-requisites and we recognize the depth of knowledge that is gained through lived experience. HUM recognizes multiples ways of knowing and learning. We all come with things to learn and things to share with others.

Typically we have hold classes both on and off campus. But this year, due to Covid-19, we are moving on air. We have teamed up with the community radio station CJSR 88.5FM to deliver a course through the radio!

The theme for this term is “Storytelling”. We go through life listening and telling stories. “There are two sides to every story”, a familiar reminder that stories are complicated and not always as they seem. Over the next months we will explore how stories shape our everyday experiences. Each week we will be introduced to ideas from storytellers, professors and Hum participants. We will discuss how stories come to be, how they are told, the power stories hold to shape our lives and views and much more. There will also be some incredible stories for us to listen to and learn from!

Published by hum101onair

We have joined forces with CJSR radio and will be broadcasting HUM over the airwaves!

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