Week 9

December 11th, 2020Music and Storytelling part 3 with Chubby Cree

Some readings, art, music, and other resources. These are not required readings. They have been shared with us by our guests, or are things we have looked up after an interview for further information or just because we were curious.

We share these materials with you for interest and pleasure’s sake.

In case you missed last week’s class, or if you would like to listen to it again, here it is:

Music and Storytelling, part 3 with Chubby Cree

Well here we are, part 3 of Music and Storytelling, there really was just too much! The need for a third class was clear after we recorded Chubby Cree live at the Starlite Room. And by we, I mean Jason Borys (of Ag47, more about Jason later) and Kris Harper (of Ag47 and nêhiyawak, you can hear our interview with Kris on week 7).

Here is a video of the magic making from that day:

Chubby Cree has been around for a while now, it started as an all-women drumming group led by Carol Powder, who has been drumming since she was 5! Carol has speaks about some of controversy Chubby Cree has faced as an all-women’s drub group, here is an article highlighting some of the resistance Carol and the group have faced: https://windspeaker.com/node/8873

These days Chubby Cree continues to be a women-led Indigenous drumming group, but now also includes Carol’s grandson Noah. They drum where healing is needed. Carol and her daughter, Robin, talk about healing and the drum in the interview. It is also highlighted in this CBC article: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/cree-singing-protege-1.5336414

To keep up-to-date on what Chubby Cree is up to, you can follow them on instagram, twitter, and TikTok.

This week we also talk with Jason Borys. Jason is an internationally known sound engineer who has worked behind sound boards the world over mixing bands. Not only does he make other people sound great, but he also make some great music himself. Check out his track, 1920, which won the EMA DJ/Electronic Recording of the Year award!

Jason Borys plays a modular synth. I am not the only one curious about this, here is an article that also asks questions about what it means to play a modular synth: https://www.gigcity.ca/2013/08/21/music-mayhem-by-day-kraftwerk-by-night/

We asked him to share a picture with us, thank you, Jason, for sharing these!

Notice the picture of Jason in front of TONTO (top right)? This is the modular synthesizer that Stevie Wonder used! And here is video about it that includes A Tribe Called red, the band that last week’s guest DJ CreeAsian dances with!

William Quinn

Jason talks about the project he has been working on with Ag47 and Courtney Morin to record and share Elder William Quinn’s, or Bill’s, knowledge and stories. The first release,
☽ Ag47 Presents: Introducing William Quinn, is a powerful collaboration of sound and voice. As stated on the Ag47 bandcamp page:

“The first of the two tracks  “Music for Mr Quinn” is intended as a relaxing meditative journey.  Composed with the hopes and intentions to open ones mind and open ones heart. All in preparation for the second track, where Mr William Quinn leads us in a smudge and explaining the importance of sweet grass. Sharing moments from his journey in and out of residential school. All while the sounds of burning sweet grass crackle throughout the room as the oscillators pulse away.”


The tracks are detailed accounts from Bill’s life and his stories can, at times, be overwhelming and difficult to listen to. One such difficult part is when he recounts abuses within the residential schooling system. We would encourage you take your time and give yourself space to listen and also stop listening if needed. You can listen to them here: https://ag47.bandcamp.com/track/ag47-presents-introducing-william-quinn. You may even recognize some of the music from the class’ theme song.

Elder William Quinn is also an artist, you can check out his art work on his website using this link: https://www.billquinnartwork.com/

Not enough synth? Want to build and play with your own? You can access the Nord Modular Handbook for everything you need to start making your own music.

The show was made complete by your stories. Thank you everyone who was able to share your stories thus far with us. We have more to share over the next coming weeks and we would like to include yours! Please send us your completed activities and let us know if we can share them online and/or on air. As you heard, we are also thrilled to have you doing the sharing by sending a voice recording of yourself reading your activity.

To find the activity outlines, go to the activity page on this site: https://hum101onair.wordpress.com/blog/

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