Listener Stories

The following are activities that have been shared back to us with permission to share with you! Thank you everyone for your support through listening and participating in activities. Just a reminder that activities are there to help us think about the ideas that our guests introduce to us. They are there to help us participate in the learning and to also try out some new ways of making, learning, and understanding.

There are no grades and no one is marking these. We are just enjoying them as they are shared with us.

If you have a story you would like to share send it our way! All our contact info is on the contact page. And if you need anything to help you better participate in the activities, let us know, there is a really good chance we can get you what you need.

With your permission, we will share your stories here and on the air for your fellow listeners and classmates to enjoy!

Where I am From – M

Where I am From – Jo

Where I am From – Jo

Where I am From – anonymous

Where I am From – Josh Isaac Ice

My Recipe – anonymous

Soundtrack of My Life – a digital story from Jennie

To watch Jennie’s digital story click here.

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